98.5 Weekly Advertising

Advertising on 98.5 The Sports Hub is easy to get started and IT WORKS!

98.5 The Sports Hub, Boston's #1 Radio Station!

Make your brand break through the clutter in the number one sports city in America. 98.5 The Sports Hub reaches over 800,000 listeners every week in the New England area. The passion and loyalty for Sport in New England is often said to be akin to religion. It’s a release, it’s a way to come together and support a common cause. Most of all it’s an identity, and in New England the identity is that of excellence.

Contact me today and I’ll help you customize a package that will make your business a HOUSEHOLD NAME in New England. Sports marketing on 98.5 the sports hub will ensure that your company becomes one of the most recognized and trusted names in your industry. We provide all copy writing and commercial production at no extra fee.

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